So you’ve read a chapter of Ulysses…

Congrats everyone! You’ve made it through a chapter! Now let’s figure out how we want to do this whole blogging and reading thing.

I just want to get a sense of whether or not people want to write together on the blog sometimes, just follow along, have a place to leave comments or start discussions or what. So I’m just going to post this, tag you all, and harass you til you respond. 🙂

A possible structure that comes to mind is to have my regular preparatory chapter posts, followed by at least a sort of reaction post, where we can all perhaps contribute with our favorite passage/phrase or questions/confusions to highlight or discuss. What say you all?

I’m starting on another little primer for the second episode. Hopefully, I’ll get this going a bit more quickly in future, things have been a little chaotic as my parents are in town visiting and I’m preparing to go on vacation tomorrow (taking Ulysses with me, of course).

Note: Depending on your edition, you may have noticed that chapters aren’t clearly marked. The first chapter – Telemachus – is only about 23 pages in my edition. It has no title, or number to mark where the next chapter begins, just a page break. My edition does however mark the 3 parts, and their division is like this:

PART I: The Telemachiad (episodes 1-3)

PART II: The Wanderings of Ulysses (episodes 4-15)

PART III: The Homecoming (episodes 16-18)

So if you’ve made it to the “II” in your edition you’ve probably gotten through all 3 first episodes, yay, you’re ahead of the game!


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