Quick! Explain Open Borders!

How do you explain, within a 3-minute news package, how some people think open borders could solve world poverty? I have no idea. But that was my first assignment here at RT. After reading this article in The Atlantic, and noting that some of the big names in the discussion were in the D.C. area, I thought it would be a good panel discussion segment. So that’s how I pitched it. It came back with instructions to make a package. Okey dokey.

This isn’t an easy topic for TV; it’s a very dry ideas-based economic arguments, and not a lot of stunning visuals or nat sound is gonna come out of a chat with an economist.  But I thought I’d give it a go. Below was (oops, is that a 4-min news package?) the result. Lol. I’ll bite my tongue on any further disclaimers.

Immigration is of course, my pet interest. Since my days as an immigrant in Spain (where I failed to achieve legal residency) I’ve acquired my own little personal library of immigration books and developed some pretty outside-the-mainstream ideas on the topic. But, then again, most people in the mainstream don’t feel the weight of 6 years working way below your potential because you can’t legally get a job, so I think it’s pretty normal that my views developed as they did.

I was surprised but glad to see an article tackle the idea from such a marginalized, pie-in-the-sky idealistic angle. Why should all the ideas the news media cover be the ones people already agree on, right?

Of course, being able to do justice to these arguments about the morality and practicality of open borders in a short broadcast segment, well, I’m not sure that’s really possible. But I gave it a shot at least. I realize this about broadcast. You’re never going to get to say all you want. Ever. The best you can do is try to say something thought-provoking and honest. But it will probably never be complete. I try to think of a story more in terms of a chapter (or really, even just a subsection of chapter) in a larger book, or as an update in a longer saga.

I ended up doing a lot of reading while I worked on this – coming across interesting studies, other articles and resources, so I figured I can use this blog as an outlet to post and comment on those ideas that I could never possibly fit into a broadcast segment. Or the stories that don’t make it into the broadcast at all.

Well, that’s it for the moment. Now here’s a bit of spoken word loveliness about people’s faulty mathematics when thinking about immigration, which seemed apt! Wooohoo! Poetry!


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One response to “Quick! Explain Open Borders!

  1. If I may say so, from my user point of view (I’m not a journalist, nor know a thing about journalism). I believe news packages should be more of a trailer that entices people to read and learn more. It should be one of those trailers that mainly tell you all about the movie, but still make you say: I wan’t to see it!
    By the way, loved Holly McNish’s poem.

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