Aaaaaand, I’m back, perhaps….

So, this blog’s been dead for a year. It was barely alive to begin with. The victim of neglect from birth, it died already stunted and malnourished. And for the most part I’ve been content to ignore it’s rotting corpse while I focused on trying to secure gainful employment.

Now that I have said employment, the idea of a creative outlet looks appealing again, and doesn’t weigh on me like some sort of burden: the blog I should be writing, to show everyone how great I am, to solidify my “brand” [vomits in mouth a little], to get that job.

Mainly, I now find myself reading insane amounts online at the aforementioned new gainful employment, and feel I should actually be doing something with all the information I’m coming across. And I’ve always thought I should take time to write a bit about all that I read anyways (the book reading, as well as the internet reading). So I guess that’s what I’m going to use this as: a tool for me to organize, direct, focus and reflect upon all the stuff I read.

And also to post any videos in which I appear. Wheeeeee!


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  1. Yeaaa! Congrats on the new job! It’s good to see you doing what (hopefully) you love and are so good at.

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