Paso Nuevo – audio story from last semester

Last semester I was focusing on trying to do a few stories relating to the Spanish speaking communities in D.C. One of those brought me to the Gala Theater and there I met the organizers of a bilingual youth theater program called Paso Nuevo. I attended one of their performances, chatted with a couple of performers and the directors (all really engaging) and did a little audio story (below). I didn’t post it because I had used it as an element in my semester project which just gets turned in to the professor and which I haven’t been able to revamp (yet) for publication. The text part needs work.

But I was recently reminded of Paso Nuevo, and its super-cool directors, Quique Aviles and Matthew Vaky, when two of my colleagues (Jeremy Borden and Dan Merica)  in our Backpack Journalism course did a couple of packages on them.

Have a look and a listen!


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