State of the Union, in 250 words or less…

Not that there’s anyone who ever sees this blog anymore, but just to explain, this is a little assignment for my Backpack journalism class. We had to do a little summary of the SOTU this evening. Hopefully later I’ll be getting cool video packages up though! Woohoo!

State of the Union, Jan. 25, 2011

President Obama tonight made his domestic priorities clear emphasizing the trio of “innovation, education and infrastructure” in this year’s State of the Union address. After a brief reflection on the Tuscon shootings, the President called on our unity as a nation to carry us through the difficult economic times we clearly face. Characterising this as our generation’s “sputnik moment,” he discussed green energy, science education, and high speed rail and internet among the goals for his three-pronged strategy of domestic regeneration.

In a nod to conservative critics, he followed up with a discussion of fiscal reform and a proposal for a deep restructuring to streamline the federal government. Saving foreign affairs for last, he commended the troops returning from Iraq and called for the beginning of a withdrawal from Afghanistan in July of this year. “The democratic aspirations of all people”, he said, are still our concern overseas.

He touted concrete Democratic achievements such as health care reform, and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, but made a point of reaching across the aisle. For example, he called on campuses to open up to military recruiters, and he specified the type of  modification he’s willing to make in health care reform. However he made it clear that certain things, like preexisting conditions, would not be compromised. Finally, he ended with the story of the small company who made the drill that bore down to the Chilean miners as an example of what America, even at it’s most humble, can achieve.



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2 responses to “State of the Union, in 250 words or less…

  1. Oh ye of little faith! I can’t be the only one who checks in regularly, holding out hope we’ll get more dispatches from that stranger in a strangely familiar land that is Karina. Hang in there!

  2. Karina

    Still hanging in here! Hope to start blogging when it starts to feel like something organically inspired, instead of the obligation it had come to be. I did enjoy it when I had the time and energy, which is slowly returning (the energy at least, time is still tough). Thanks for the words of support! Cheers!

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