D.C. en español: The GALA Theatre (or Why do I live in Glover Park?)

Here’s my latest post, on my visit to the GALA Hispanic Theatre in Columbia Heights.

My visit to the GALA Hispanic Theatre Thursday before last has made me lament, just a little bit, that I don’t live in Columbia Heights.

The purr of Spanish on the air in that neighborhood helped soothe my culture shock during my first weeks back in the U.S. when I moved here from Madrid.  Even if it wasn’t of the same accent i was used to, it felt more normal than the big wall of American English I hadn’t encountered in public spaces for several years.

And as I walked up 14th Street to the renovated part of the Tivoli theater now home to the Grupo de Artistas Latino Americanos (GALA) a little pang of regret, a sense of a missed opportunity, arose that I had not managed to find an apartment in the area. Because this could have been my local theater.

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