My “What I want to be when I grow up” day.

We had a great author come speak to our class yesterday, and in an effort to try to get a blogging rhythm going again, I thought I’d share it.

I figure if this masters program has kept my mind a million miles away from blogging, I’d better just blog about the masters if I’ve got any hope of developing a rhythm again 🙂

So. Yesterday. Tyche Hendricks, a journalist on immigration (can we see why I got up the energy to blog about it?) came to speak to a group of us. We went as part of the Race, Ethnic and Community Reporting class I’m taking (and loving). We’ve read excerpts from her book for class, and I’m gonna be ordering the whole thing from the bookstore I work at as soon as I get in there on Friday.

It’s called The Wind Doesn’t Need A Passport, and it builds on reporting she did for the San Francisco Chronicle (oh yeah, hometown connection, did I mention she teaches at Berkeley?) and it discusses the region of the border as just that, a region. Not a line. Not something that divides, but something that creates a whole society. It is exactly the kind of book I devour. And exactly the kind of reporting that I hope to be able to contribute to the world one day (not to sound cheesy, but we all gotta have dreams no?).

I think this was a bit of a breakthrough day for me. Recently, I’ve felt like I didn’t know where I was going in this program, like I didn’t see what I wanted to do in a lot of the activities and assignments we’ve been doing. I’ve liked a lot of them, and I think they’re valuable, and I’m learning tons, don’t get me wrong. But I feel like I haven’t got any focus, any idea of what I want to eventually achieve after this program.

And this was a sort of “Aha” moment, where I saw the type of reporting (even though its print, and technically, I’m in the broadcast track) that really gets me. I want to roam borderlands and talk with people about the stark realities of immigration restrictions, exploitation across borders, economic inequality, the things that unite us despite the formal, official divisions, and so on. I know I probably won’t be running off to do this right after this program, but its nice to finally have a picture of something in mind. Strikingly, during her talk, Hendricks told us “If you can’t dream it, you can’t do it.” Well, her project has certainly helped me to dream something. Which is a start.


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  1. Glad your trying to get back on the blog wagon. Keep it up!

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