Bootcamp Day 14: Facetwit Overload (A Post in Tweet-Verse Form)

In the spirit of the day, I will write this post in the style of a tweet-stream. (Tweet of consciousness?)

Social Media Editors must spend a lot of time nagging: I still don’t have everyone on the AO FB and Twitter accounts. I feel like a mom.

Our 1 concrete SME task 2day? Set up the “About Us” page. Text is now friendlier and all our blogs are linked. Still a bit boring tho. 😦

Started tweeting for @auobserver. Annoyed by many tweets from former students I don’t know about their hair/weekend/fear of thunder or rain.

Looking for “Future of News” related things to tweet, some cool journalism stories. Sad our articles won’t be live and tweetable.

Tweeted 7 times in 30 mins. Then got distracted by immigration news I ran across. Did angry posting on my FB page for a bit. Feel sheepish.

Why doesn’t anyone respond to my nagging them to follow back on Twitter? Psh! Like they’re busy or something.

Hmmm…look busy look busy – time to read up on how to integrate FB and Twitter and other soc media tools. Am daunted by being ungeeky.

Progressing from Drupal help sites to FB help sites, to video tutorials to “Facebook for Dummies” articles. I confront my own limitations.

Que pasa nena? Vas a la paloma hoy? *Shit! Posted to observer account instead of mine! Delete!*

We need content for FB page. Mimi and Heather round up photos. Viktoria goes looking for a good video phone. Smile journos-to-be! 🙂

Before I know it, Viktoria’s filmed and edited a clip of people saying what they have learned about the Future of News. Sweeeeet!

Stories are wrapping up, some tension around. Eases quickly though. Nice group of folks working well together. Encouraging sign.

Video presentation on FB Connect making me fall asleep. Time for a trip to student store for a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

People drifting away. Can’t look at more pages about social media tools I don’t understand. Quick! find cool kids and go for a beer! Ciao!


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