Bootcamp Day 12: Please, tell me what my job is!

Today we were assigned our newsroom roles for the first (dry) run of the American Observer, AU’s online grad magazine which is going to be our little laboratory for the year.

I am one of 2 social media editors. And I’m still trying to define what that means. And actually, I think the industry is still trying to define what that means.

Obviously, I will be twittering and facebooking and promoting and hyping and trying to draw eyes to the page through all those lovely social networks that exist on the interwebs.

But it still remains somehow vague in my mind.

I’ll post again when me and my fellow SME (ooh! I’ve already got an acronym!) have decided more concretely how we will be tackling this, but in the mean time, I’m open for suggestions on what people think this job entails.

Tell me what my job is!!  🙂



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2 responses to “Bootcamp Day 12: Please, tell me what my job is!

  1. Possible options:
    1. A Social Media Editor is one that can go inside someone’s Facebook Page and change their comments for more interesting and savvy ones (I know, that’s tough).
    2. An SME is one that can take the stream of Twitter and organize it in such a way that it becomes a Bukowski’s novel.
    I’ll keep you posted if I find more options.
    Cheers girl, hope everything is great 😉

    • Karina

      @rpontremoli – long time no “hola” dude! Thanks for the thoughts! I knew I could count on my ex-mobuzzers to contribute 🙂 Everything’s good here, in up to my ears in the social media stuff I so conscientiously avoided for so long. Sigh. Surrendering to the inevitable 🙂 Besos a ti y a Silvi!

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