Tea Party Nation’s Staggering Irresponsibility in Immigration “Horrors” Forum

I saw a screen capture of the Tea Party Nation website at which president of said group, Judson Phillips, is calling for submissions of stories from readers about the “horrors” of illegal immigration. Some perverse attempt at crowdsourcing for their propaganda machine I suppose.

I couldn’t actually access the site without signing up for it (which I may do, we’ll see) but I found an article on it at, but of course, Fox News:

The group also asks members to share photos or videos of “illegals or their supporters doing outrageous things (like burning the American flag or putting the Mexican flag above ours, or showing racist posters.)”

Sigh. Well there’s been a response, according to the Fox article:

About 160 comments have been posted on the forum, Phillips said, including stories about illegals causing car accidents, raping the wives of Americans and committing murder.

Ooh! They’re raping our women!! That’s a classic!

These are comments on a forum. This is not investigative journalism using crowdsourcing to find the “other side of the story”. Have any of these stories been confirmed? And even if they are, crime by illegal immigrants needs to be put in context, with the one inconvenient fact so often omitted from these stories, which is that, on average, illegal immigrants commit less crime than native born Americans.

Best of all is the forum leader’s reaction to these comments, as reported by Fox:

Phillips said he’s still deliberating on what to do with the stories. But he added that he’s certain he wants to use them somehow to counterbalance the stories focusing on the struggle of illegal immigrants.

What to do with them? He didn’t think about this before he made this call? The thought of investigating them, confirming or debunking them never crossed his mind? Of course not. The idea is merely to create a forum in which people can whip up each others’ fears without any call for responsibility, accountability or other ethical considerations. The irresponsibility of leaving these posts up there unquestioned and letting people accept them as truth is staggering.


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