Sarkozy Wants Revokable Nationality, Second Class Citizens.

French prez, Nicholas Sarkozy has made a proposal to revoke nationality from foreigners depending on the type of crime they may commit.

From The Telegraph:

“French nationality should be stripped from anybody who has threatened the life of a police officer or anybody involved in public policing,” Mr Sarkozy said.

This is as worrying as the people questioning birthright citizenship in the U.S.. This would effectively create two classes of French nationals: “real” French nationals, and French nationals who live the rest of their lives with the message that they are held to a different standard and will never be secure in their rights as citizens.

Why the turn right? Well, some speculate it’s a distraction from Sarkozy’s recent financial scandals.

But Brice Hortefeux, French foreigner minister insists on these measures:

When we must adapt to or confront new difficulties, we don’t hesitate to do so. We’re waging a war against insecurity. We’re on the side of the victims and we have but a sole enemy: the crooks.

Oooh! A new war! This time against the abstract concept of “insecurity”. Flying in the face of the reality that no one is ever truly secure, hence leading to a never ending war that cannot possibly be won. Those are my faves!

And there’s more! Because once you open this can of worms, there’s no telling where it will end!:

He added that he could envisage extending the circumstances in which people could be stripped of their citizenship to those involving “female circumcision, human trafficking or serious acts of delinquency.”

Great! “Acts of delinquency” is just the right kind of vague, it perfectly suits an unwinnable war against an abstract concept like “insecurity.” Who knows what they could do with this! Maybe they could deport people who are so delinquent as to violate their recent ban on veils, damn, that’d be so perfect!

In other news, he’s also pushing repressive measures towards “gens de voyage” so-called “travelling people” – a confusing categorization of Gypsies or Roma people.

Reports Reuters:

Sarkozy on Wednesday ordered the dismantling of 300 illegal camps of travellers and Roma across France and the immediate expulsion of Roma from Bulgaria and Romania who had committed public order offences.


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