Bootcamp Day 9: Editing our first basic clip

I managed to get beautiful deep sleep last night after the hectic, sweltering, sleep deprived day of filming. So I was feeling nice and clam about coming to edit the piece today.

I’m not thrilled with the final product, but the things that bothered me were errors in filming – things I forgot to film, things I wish I had longer more steady shots of, etc… So all that frustration and forehead slapping I got out of my system yesterday. Today it was a question of “OK, I don’t have what I want, but what am I going to do with it anyways?”

I tried to keep it fairly simple, which was easy since in the end we didn’t have an over abundance of usable footage. I think we were also lucky that we filmed in a well lit place with pretty consistent sound. It seems like a lot of people were having to tweak color and sound, and really, I didn’t have to do any of that, just turn down some audio levels here and there. As an exercise it was good, now that I’ve made some silly mistakes, I won’t make them again. All around a worthwhile endeavor.


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