Bootcamp Day 7: Too tired to write much, but here goes…

Bufffff, loooong day. Good day at bootcamp though, we got our cameras today, ooooooooh, shiiiiiny 🙂 And we had a brief into to what does and does not work in short format video pieces from Rob Roberts, who has a gift for making people feel at ease with the sometimes daunting world of video, it must be said.

First, some links – he showed us a fab clip done by his news outlet, the News &Observer, about wrongly convicted Dwayne Dail, who’s conviction was overturned by the Innocence Project when he had served 18 years for a rape he didn’t commit. Seriously, watch this!

After our little discussion of video production basics, (and man, I mean basics, this was a couple of hours) we got a very short introduction to Final Cut Pro, mostly things I already knew how to do, but a couple new ones. My knowledge of Final Cut Pro was always really patchy, so this course over the long run should smooth it out and fill it in.

Tomorrow morning (or later this morning, i guess) me and my two awesome teammates go out to film for a short segment we individually edit later on. The topic we drew from a hat was “Street vendors: souvenirs and t-shirts…”  So I guess we’re headed off to places towards the capital/whitehouse tourist area to find people selling all sorts of tchotchkis covered in American flags. Should be a blast! (if it doesn’t rain, cross fingers).

I’m just hoping we are organized enough that we don’t spend an eternity filming and that we don’t have to much footage to wade through. I already know I go slow in that process, so I’m gonna try to keep us as streamlined as possible.

And now, off to bed! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


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