Bootcamp Day 5 Thoughts (a day late, yes)

So, one week down, two to go.

Yesterday, Day 5, we finished up the audio slideshow project we had started on Thursday, and all in all it was a great learning experience, especially to see how other people dealt with it.

Here are some general lessons on this type of material that I think we all gathered, most of which I came across before in work situations:

  • Editing other people’s material blows. You don’t know what you’ve got or where to look for anything, and you can’t skim it like text.
  • Try to gather just what you need (if possible), the less you have to edit the more you will love yourself later.
  • When gathering sound, good audio quality cannot be overvalued: if you have the bite, but the audio is fuzzy, muffled, or drowned out, you actually just don’t have the bite.
  • When interviewing, don’t talk over, laugh over, or interrupt people’s answers.
  • Get answers from people that don’t need the interviewer’s questions, cuz you usually don’t want the interviewer’s voice included.
  • You can never have too many photos. When in doubt, shoot it anyways. Shoot it twice. The age of film is over so no one’s got any excuses anymore.

What did I learn about me personally?

I am waaaaay to slow at this and want to put in waaaaay too much audio,  which are related problems of course. I started to get worried on Thursday when other people were obviously working on cutting the audio already and I was still listening to all the files, some of which were quite long. That started to get me worried. But at home that night, I finished going through all of them, and noted time codes for bits I liked and thought, ahh, it’ll go easy tomorrow cuz I already know what I want to use.

Unfortunately what I wanted to use was far far far too much. Then the panicked cutting starts. Then it all starts to sound so choppy. Then you have leave out bits you really liked. Then the whole thing isn’t even close to what you started out thinking it would be. And you’ve wasted so, so much time, and its due, and you’re not done. Eek!

This is definitely a difficult thing for me. I am text-oriented. Despite my time at a visual media company, my roots, my training have always been the written word. My eye for how to tighten up or organize, or clean up text just doesn’t help me here, so I think I can look forward to a very challenging year in that regard. All this is a good thing, and it’s is why I wanted to go for broadcast and not print, I wanted to work a new part of my brain, and it looks like its gonna get that workout no problem.


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  1. You learned the lessons well, from the looks of things. 🙂

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