Bootcamp Day 5 Assignment: Audio Slideshow

Here’s my not very good final product after being given audio and photos with which to put together a slide show. I spent way too much time dealing with the audio, finished terribly behind and rushed through putting in the slides, so there’s a lot I would do differently with more time. For example, after I had finalized it, I noticed, even though I had watched through the whole thing before, that there was one slide that I accidentally left on the screen way too long. Oops. And of course, there are no captions, which I would definitely remedy. But what can you do, here it is. Meh.


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One response to “Bootcamp Day 5 Assignment: Audio Slideshow

  1. The opening quote could come in a couple seconds sooner. I like that you have him explaining what they do early, though.

    Some lines you could lose, like “We have a great staff.” Blah.

    The guy talking about sewing pants isn’t photographed, which is a problem. You need to make sure the photos and audio match up.

    That said, I think you might have sent YouTube your .mp4 video, rather than the .mov version, which explains why the audio cuts out early.

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