CNN Attacks “Anonymous Bloggers” in a Discussion of Shirley Sharrod, WTF?

Kyra Phillips and John Roberts somehow move from discussing the shameful misrepresentation of Shirley Sharrod to deciding that anonymous blogging is a blight on American society. I’m a little confused.

They seem to be ignoring the most important issue, which is the completely dishonest behaviour of Andrew Breitbart who should be roundly condemned and the irresponsibility of those who didn’t question his highly editied video, and instead they just decide to jump into an exagerated discussion of the dangers of those darned interwebs.

Phillips makes the blanket statement about anonymous bloggers as a whole that they are “cowards” who are “seeking attention.” Talk about a rush to judgment.

They totally downplay the fact that the internet is often one of the most powerful forces in debunking these types of misrepresentations, and focus solely on the “dark side” of the web. Sounds like MSM is feeling a little insecure about itself these days.


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