Back to School! First Day of Class!

First day of school and I forgot my bag lunch at home 😦  But every first day has to have its hiccups, no?

Today I started the 3 week “bootcamp” for my MA program here at American University’s School of Communications. Part of the three week course is designed to get everyone on the same page in terms of digital tools, “the changing face of journalism”, yadda yadda yadda 🙂

Today’s task was setting up blogs for everyone and since yours truly is obviously already a pro (at setting up blogs, I’m not making claims about maintaining them) and since I, for possibly the first time ever, got a jump on things and started this blog in anticipation of the course, it’s been a pretty breezy day for me so far.

But this seems like a good time to take a moment to think about my goals for this blog, and perhaps to explain how it might be different as I’m going to be using it for this course.

Obviously I want to use this blog for my own, normal, Karina, “Guiri Dispatches” type posts on immigration, travel, politics, books, wine and the rest, but I’ll also be using it for school purposes. I’m not sure exactly what types of assignments may end up on this blog, but I decided that, for the sake of clarity, I’ll devise a way to label whatever post is strictly coursework. Perhaps I’ll just dump everything in one category, but since people don’t always take into account how a post is categorized, I’ll probably also put some standard disclaimer at the beginning of any post produced strictly for the class and therefore perhaps, experimental, unfinished or otherwise strange in nature.


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