New Country New Blog!!!

Hey folks, in honour of my vacilating indecisive nature and the beautiful (if a bit nerve wracking) month I’ve had watching Spain advance to historic heights in the World Cup this, as yet un-named, blog will fly Spain’s colors (or some other random image)  until I figure out a color scheme/header image/title/tagline to stick with.

Here’s to New Beginings!! Sauld!! (raises glass of sub-par red wine, drinks, winces, misses Spain, sighs).

I somehow just couldn’t get the momentum up to renew The Guiri Dispatches, so I will simply let it rest in peace, along with all the guiri’s dreams of a legally documented life in euroland.

I’m back in the US, the guiri is dead! (or maybe she just passed out, hard to tell) Long live the….uh…..soon to be…grad student!!!

Yes! This page will begin as the documentation of my life in gradland, while still tracking all my favourite pet interests like migration, literature, giant squid, stickin’ in to the man and whatnot. It will end as who knows what, probably a significant nail in the coffin of any aspirations to a life in politics.

So – please – I’d love any comments, criticisms, suggestions. Really I need suggestions, I mean for fuck’s sake I haven’t even figured out a name yet! Suggestions for video posts are especially welcome. Until I get settled in at school and get my hot little hands on some equipment, you’ll be stuck with webcam vids, but besides that, let me know what you want to hear!

Besos a tooodoooooos!!!



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4 responses to “New Country New Blog!!!

  1. themapagency

    how many blogs you gonna have ?

  2. Hey Karina, extrañamos tu perfil de vlogger, cuándo tendrás tu dosis diaria de videos?, te aseguro que en Latinomérica te veríamos muchísimos!!

    Nosostros tus fans…, te extrañamos…

    Keep it up!!

  3. I think The Blog Without Name is perfect… it has a sort of Clint Eastwood cachet to it, no?

  4. Bob Steiner

    You might want to just post on your Guirii Dispatches that you are abandoning that and starting this blog so that people CAN FIND YOU more easily. Nice to see that you haven’t disappeared completely.

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