About Karina

summer_profileNorCal born and bred, I graduated from UC Berkeley, where I’d studied political and social theory (preparing me perfectly for a job in….reading?). Armed with those powerful skills, I then went to Madrid, Spain to travel, enjoy the food, and improve my Spanish.  One year of adventure in Madrid turned into 6! I tended bar, taught English, wrote and presented a daily technology vlog (MobuzzTV.com), interned with CNN, maintained a blog loosely focused on migration issues called The Guiri Dispatches, and many other things. After unsuccessful attempts to convince Europe to take me in for keeps, I came back to the States, to Washington D.C., where I got my master’s in Journalism and Public Affairs at American University. I’m currently working in the newsroom at RT America, but views here, especially the views on cute animals and social revolution, are my own.

Click here for a .pdf of my resume.


5 responses to “About Karina

  1. Jean Stenquist

    I enjoyed reading about your school work. I suggest that you name your blog The Guiri Dispatches AmU.

  2. Your blog title reminds me of a motto I’ve often considered adopting: “Carpe Mañana.”

  3. Jeanette Shires

    Hi Karina,

    Nice to have you home. I have enjoyed trying to keep with the events in your life. Now I have a new blog to read. Sounds like you are enjoying school and its challenges . Good luck in all your future endeavors.

    Aunt Jeanette

  4. I first heard of you doing MoBuzz TV from London, before moving with them to Madrid

    Now, a “whatever happened to…” Google search finds you in Washington, so I’m wondering. Is it just coincidence, or do you tend to gravitate towards the capitol of the nation in which you take up residence? London, Madrid, Washington

    All the best to you with the video journalism. I hope you have a bright future in it. Maybe I’ll see you anchoring on MSNBC or CNN in the future.

    • Karina

      Actually never lived in London! Mobuzz started in Madrid, but maybe since the first presenter was British people thought it started in the UK. I ended up in Madrid cuz I heard that’s where the work was and here in DC because of the master’s program I’m in. But capital cities certainly have their advantages. Thanks for following! I doubt I’ll be on MSNBC or CNN, hopefully something a bit edgier 🙂

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